Adventures in the Park of Mount Subasio

Assisi by quad

Paragliding for two

Excursions for individuals, couples, small groups, paragliding tandem flights.
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Our buildings can be used to give residential or daily courses.
The Hotel halls are comfortable and private, and can easily be used for dedicated activities, while taking advantage of our Hotel services and restaurant.


Large international meetings and events have often been held at Fontemaggio.
Our wide spaces allow you to install temporary structures and the variety of lodgings can meet everyone’s requirements.


Many camper associations (and others) have been organising rallies at “Fontemaggio” over the years.
Our availability of space and equipment (kitchens, halls and covered outside areas) is varied and can be used all year long.

Sport & Routes

There are many routes and excursions that leave from Fontemaggio.
Take advantage of our park to walk, breathe fresh air, jog, and meet new people from all over the world.

Activities for children and school projects.

Children will find fantastic new friends and a wide variety of things to do under the trees in our park.
There is a carousel, a slide, swings (all compliant with safety regulations), to keep your children active and safe, under their parent’s watchful eyes.
There are also educational projects for all ages, from nursery to middle school.

Artist residence

We offer spaces that are ideal for those who would like to stay, think, create, and make and exhibit art works in this incredible human environment.
There are small and large installations for all young artists who would like to be seen and appreciated.


Fontemaggio’s relation with Franciscan religion is a question of vicinity: Franciscan locations of prayer and contemplation such as the Hermitage of the Prison, and all its forests are truly close by.
The ancient road that leads to the Hermitage goes right by the Hotel, which is situated in an area that was once dedicated to prayer and meditation- called the “Prisons” (in the cadastral maps the area surrounding Fontemaggio is called “Carcerelle II” (Small Prisons II)).

Have you ever thought of celebrating important family events in Umbria?
Fontemaggio is the perfect venue for anyone who would like to organise personalised special events, with its amazing view on the valley and Assisi, the fresh air under the pergola and the warmth of winter fireplaces, added to the informal atmosphere of our Complex.
We also have a private 17th Century Chapel to celebrate small religious events, which is dedicated to Saint Francis from Paola, who stayed here during the whole period he was in Assisi.