Fontemaggio is a tourist-receptive very varied, offering solutions for stays, desires, and needs of all kinds. In a single management, family type, include a hotel, a hotel for young people, with a camping holiday apartments, bars, supermarket and a park with playground, a farm and an old, historic inn.

Its location is strategic as it is located just 800 meters from the walls of the historic center of Assisi, is easily accessible on foot, by car, motor homes and buses. The coaches can benefit from a particular advantage: to reach and stay at Fontemaggio not have to pay the check-in applied to car parks of Assisi, provided that there is no break with ascent or descent of the passengers in the historic center. For those who have trouble walking, the absence of a shuttle service to the historic center can be bypassed, alternatively, by the many parking charges in the city or by an efficient radio taxi service.

The varied landscape, green (there are many botanical species found in the park) and the presence of friendly farmyard animals, make it the ideal destination for nature lovers.

The vast open spaces, the quality of the air and hiking trails of the mountain also offer to lovers of physical activity can make beautiful walks, even without excessive effort. The presence or proximity to places of prayer, silence, reflection and meditation Fontemaggio make it a particularly suitable place for those who want to just pray, listen to the silence, reflect or meditate. The restaurant “La Stalla”, the now famous trattoria home, is often a stage desired by all who know him, and who want to enjoy the flavors and sensations that both refer to a family dimension.

In this site you will find not only all the information for your stay in Fontemaggio, but also news about its history, local food, the natural environment, places of interest, our passions, news and much more …