Fontemaggio Youth Hostel

Fontemaggio Youth Hostel has 16 rooms:
1 single room, 6 double rooms and 9 quadruple rooms (with bunk beds), for a total of 49 beds.
Each room is equipped with a bathroom with a shower, sheets, and 1 large towel for each guest.
The rooms can be single or double according to requests.
The rooms are identical to the Hotel rooms for aesthetics and services, but they do not have television sets and there is no daily cleaning service, and the La Stalla Restaurant is situated in another building.
The building is located inside the Camping ground, approximately 80 metres from the Hotel (where you check-in) and the restaurant, it is close to a small playground surrounded by nature.

There is a common room that can house 40 people, a washing machine, a dryer, and a large kitchen in the youth hostel, which represents the ideal solution for groups or families who want to organise their own meals.
For those who are less demanding it can also be a valid alternative to the Hotel, especially for those looking for a more economical solution, without giving up essential services.

The garden is flat and equipped with fences and strong wooden tables that can be used during the summer months for all activities.
Cars and buses can park near the entrance, which is easily accessed, and the old town of Assisi can be reached with a 15 minute walk, using a country road.
There are many alternative solutions to reach the old town for those who have problems walking, with many parking lots around the city or the efficient radio-taxi service.
Tours and donkey trekking may be organised upon reservation.

Prices per day for groups (over 20 people)::

Only overnight stay: 21,00 euro per person.

Breakfast: 4,00 euro per person.

Overnight stay and breakfast: 25 euro per person.

Half board: 37,00 euro per person.

Full board: 47,00 euro per person.

Lunch basket: 7 euro

Meals for groups with full board include a first course, a second course with side dish and fruit or dessert.
Drinks and coffee are not included.
Breakfast includes coffee, milk, hot chocolate, tea, bread, butter, jam, and chocolate spread.
It is possible to have a buffet breakfast, with sliced meat and cheese, with 3 additional euro.
The lunch basket contains 2 sandwiches, one 1/2 litre bottle of water, 1 fruit and a dessert.
One free meal for every 25 people.

Prices for individuals:

Overnight stay: 22,00 euro.

Breakfast: 6 euro per person.

Tourist tax for the first 3 days:

€ 0,50 per person per night

Free under 12 years of age

Drivers and group leaders free

50% discount with a check point receipt

Residents of the town of Assisi 100%
Please see the town regulations for more details – DOWNLOAD PDF
and the town council page

Full board cannot be organised for individuals, but they can use the restaurant at their convenience: the average price for one meal is 20/25 euro per person.

Children up to 4 years of age are free, whereas children above 4 cost the same as a normal adult.